How does volty work?

Our mission? Zero emission!

Volty is the new online marketplace specially designed for electric mobility. We have 5 categories where you can upload your products. The goal of the platform is to connect as many buyers and sellers as possible. Together we can transform the future of mobility. We believe it to be electrifying.

Basic advice

Follow these steps to create the best ad as possible

  • Take clear pictures of the inside en outside of the product
  • Make sure the data is all filled out in the form given by the platform
  • The descrition sould be as detailed as possible to make sure the potential buyers our able to understand everything
  • Do not leave important information behind and if the product has any damage, please report this
  • Make sure it is a competitive price
Make your own ad

How does volty work?

Some characteristics:

  • Easy to sell your electric mobility product
  • The community to buy or sell your e-mobility vehicle
  • 100% electric. 100% free.
  • Unlimited product upload
  • Fill in the contactform to make contact with the seller of the product you're interested in



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Our clients

Through Volty I was able to find my new electric bicycle way faster than it normally takes. Because of this marketplace I know I am also able to sell, whenever I want, for free. It is great to know, that if you want to buy something electric, Volty is the marketplace for it. They really believe in electric mobility, which is great!

Johan Van Laerne

Thanks to a friend I ended up at Volty. This way I was able to sell my electric bicycle very easily. I just had to follow a few steps and after a few days I already had interested buyers.

Bert Heylen

My kids always wanted an electric kick scooter. I always find it such a hassle to buy that online.
Thanks to Volty I was able to easily compare different ones and contact the seller. And if I want to sell it back, I can do it myself and for free, thanks to Volty!

Dominique Luypaert